Top 11 Instagram Growth Services of 2020

Instagram is one of the biggest social platforms for restaurants and all businesses. Food photos are some of the most popular content on Instagram, making it a great social media site for restaurants and anyone in the food industry. The issue is, with so many restaurant and foodstagram accounts, how do you grow a following? 

Luckily, there are Instagram growth tools that can help you build your following. Instagram growth services can help target and engage with followers, so your Instagram has real, engaged users to build your brand. Check out the best Instagram growth services for 2020 and grow your restaurant’s social media presence! 

Best Instagram Growth Tools: 

      1. Social Buddy 
      2. Social Sensei
      3. Kicksta
      4. Ampfluence
      5. ViralRace
      6. SocialFlight
      7. Tree Frog
      8. SocialCaptain
      9. Combin
      10. Upleap
      11. Instazood 


Social Buddy Review 


Social Buddy is our #1 pick for the best Instagram growth service. If you’re aiming to grow your Instagram followers, this platform is easy to use, with great customer service and even better results.

Social Buddy uses advanced targeting technology to engage with Instagram users that are more likely to engage back. This organic growth service guarantees real followers, not fake accounts or ghost followers. When you sign up for Social Buddy, they ask for your industry, niche, location, competitors, and hashtags for targeting purposes. Based on those targets, they find Instagram users within your niche and area that are more likely to follow you back.

Social Buddy is a safe Instagram growth service that delivers reliable results. Signing up is easy, and customers each get an account manager to walk them through the process and answer any questions. 


Social Sensei Review


Social Sensei is another great option for anyone looking to grow their Instagram following. This service offers social media management and automation for businesses everywhere. Social Sensei can manage Instagram and Facebook accounts and can automate YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr growth as well. 

Social Sensei is focused on finding real followers, not bots or fake accounts. This service helps you tailor content to attract followers, create organic growth through authentic interactions, and engaging with those followers. It starts with a free consultation to discuss your business and social media goals so that the team at Social Sensei can create a social media strategy. 

You can use Social Sensei for all of your social media platforms, or pick and choose the platforms that you are most focused on growing. Instagram management starts at $95 for the consultation level. 


Kicksta Review


Kicksta promises organic growth for Instagram accounts. This Instagram growth tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to find users and grow Instagram followings for their customers. Kicksta guarantees no fake followers, no bots, and no spam.

Kicksta works by targeting profiles similar to yours, like competitors, complimentary brands, influencers, and more. They engage with those users so you don’t have to, creating a relationship that will typically encourage those users to follow your account and engage back. Kicksta’s method is safe and ensures slow, organic growth. All you have to do is post quality content. 

Kicksta is a solid option for restaurants looking to grow their followers on Instagram. With their premium plan, you even get live chat support, VIP email support, and advanced targeting. 


Ampfluence Review


Ampfluence is another Instagram growth tool that promises “no bots or gimmicks”. This growth service is 100% human powered, so you can be sure that your account is in safe hands. Ampfluence uses safe practices to slowly but surely grow your Instagram account.

Like many others, Ampfluence starts with a consultation to discuss your social media goals and to learn more about who they should target. This service works to find the right followers for your account based on your interests, the type of content you share, and more. Then, they engage with those accounts for you to encourage them to follow you and engage back. Their process should bring more followers and higher engagement. 

Ampfluence can also help design custom social posts, and it works to grow your Twitter account as well. 


ViralRace Review


ViralRace is different than many other Instagram growth services in its goals and process. The idea of ViralRace is to get your social media content to go viral by getting a lot of likes on popular posts. 

ViralRace can help get your real Instagram followers and real Instagram likes easily. You can choose to get followers and likes instantly or gradually (we recommend gradual growth as it will look more organic and prevent Instagram from flagging your account). ViralRace promises over ten times the growth, engagement, and retention than standard growth efforts. If you don’t want to focus on followers, you can buy Instagram likes to boost singular posts, which in turn will likely lead to followers. 

If you’re looking to go viral, check out ViralRace for likes and followers.


SocialFlight Review


SocialFlight offers organic Instagram growth to increase your followers, likes, and overall engagement. This Instagram growth tool uses the same process as many others: it targets followers, engages with them automatically from your profile, and in turn you get more followers and engagement. 

Pick your target based on interests, industry, location, and more so that SocialFlight can find users that are more likely to engage with your account. Then, they’ll engage for you, so you can sit back while followers pour in and engagements increase on your profile. SocialFlight also offers TikTok growth, so you can grow across platforms. 

Their Instagram growth process promises between 300 and 2700 followers at $99 per month. They also offer a US support line to answer any questions and resolve any issues with your account. 


Tree Frog Review


Tree Frog is an Instagram growth service that is human run, so there isn’t a bot or software controlling your account. This Instagram growth tool promises organic growth. Their team is comprised of social media marketers, so they are experienced at growing social accounts for clients. 

Tree Frog’s targeting only asks for 5 accounts – simply sign up and supply them with 5 competitors or similar accounts to use for targeting purposes. The social media experts at Tree Frog can even recommend accounts for your brand if you need assistance. They also offer 24/7 support, so you can reach out to change targets at any time. 

Tree Frog’s exact process is not listed on their site, but they have great reviews and many happy clients. 


SocialCaptain Review


SocialCaptain uses targeted marketing and AI to grow your Instagram account. This Instagram growth service uses a bot to automatically find and engage with possible followers. They boast a quick start up and amazing results. 

SocialCaptain targets potential followers for you based on usernames that you supply, hashtags relevant to your account’s content or your business, and locations. They use AI optimization, language targeting, smart filtering, and competitor tracking. After that, they automate your actions like likes and comments to engage with those targets and increase the chance that they follow you. They guarantee growth. SocialCaptain also offers great reporting so that you can track your growth as well. 

SocialCaptain’s main advantage is the feature of direct messaging – they’ll message your new followers to form a more personalized engagement, ensuring that followers stick around and support your content. 


Combin Review


Combin is another solid choice for anyone looking to grow their Instagram followers. This tool can work as an Instagram growth service, a post scheduling tool, or both. Use Combin for a full Instagram marketing manager. 

The “Growth” side of Combin uses machine learning to find, attract, and engage with followers. It can even identify accounts that are low quality or not ideal for your account. Targeting includes gender, language, audience size, and more to find the right followers for your account. You can also automate repetitive actions such as likes, comments, and messages to engage with your new followers. 

With Combin, it’s easy to manage multiple brand accounts on one platform. You can grow and even schedule posts from one dashboard for up to 15 accounts. 


Upleap Review


Upleap is another top-rated Instagram growth service. This service pairs you with a dedicated account manager to run your account and offer insights on growing your Instagram. 

Upleap only engages with real Instagram users, so you won’t end up with fake followers who will hurt your account and lower engagements. Signing up is easy, and they offer a free trial. All you have to do is supply your account manager with the best hashtags, locations, and related users to target. Based on those targets, they’ll find and engage with Instagram users that are likely to follow you back. They use smart targeting to boost your engagement, and they offer reporting to track your progress. 

An added benefit of Upleap is that they view stories for you – this shows that you are engaging with your followers and will encourage them to engage back. Upleap offers customers up to 300% faster growth.


Instazood Review


Instazood offers the standard engagement and follow-unfollow process to help increase your following on Instagram. This Instagram growth tool automates your actions, so you can improve engagement and grow your following without having to spend all day working on your account.

Instazood has a few different options. They offer an Instagram bot, a TikTok bot, a post scheduling tool, and an auto direct message feature. You can choose any one of these packages or bundle them to fully manage your Instagram account. While Instazood uses a bot to find and engage with followers, they ensure that the followers you get are real accounts that will continue to engage with your account. 

When looking at an Instagram bot like Instazood, be sure to check that their processes are safe. Instazood has great ratings, but with any software like this it’s better to be safe.


Final Thoughts


Do the proper research before choosing the best Instagram growth service for your needs. There are plenty of options out there, but many offer different options, prices, features, and more. Your restaurant brand will grow with one of the best Instagram growth services!

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