How and Why to Claim Your Restaurant’s Google My Business Page

Have you claimed your Google My Business page?

What the heck is a Google My Business page?

Do you want to rank your restaurant in the Google Maps listings?  Of course you do!

Your business is local and people are searching for restaurants in a specific area.  The first thing they see after the ads is the maps results.  One of the most important steps in ranking on the Google Maps listings is claiming your page.

So how do you claim your restaurant’s page in Google My Business?  It is very easy and we’ll show you how in this video.

The toughest part is getting that post card Google sends you to verify you are the real owner.  Having owned restaurants before, we know the mail can be an issue getting into the right hands.



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The Best Restaurant Logo Designs & Where to Get Them

A restaurant’s logo is the face of the brand and organization.  It represents the concept, culture and vision of the restaurant to the world.  A well designed restaurant logo will stand out from the crowd and be remembered by all.

This one design will attached to all your restaurant’s marketing collateral, signage, menus and digital properties.  Your staff might wear the logo on their uniforms every shift as they service your guests.

Whether you are opening a new restaurant or looking to re-brand, start with a logo that represents your brand and vision properly.

So where do you go or turn to for a restaurant logo design?  There are a few options and we have tried all of them.

Hire a Professional

A seasoned graphic designer is the way to go for logo design.  If you are choosing a designer, do your homework and ask to see their portfolio.  The best designers will want to ask you questions and learn about your concept before they design the logo.

Currently we are recommending the designers at Kill or Create to our clients and their design needs.  They always seem to impress and our clients are happy.  Here are some examples of their previous or sample restaurant logo designs.

backyard bar logo design
havana room logo design
North Shore Beach Club logo design
pizza bar logo design
mimosa logo design
ocean bar logo design
green room logo design
wav logo design
maru logo design


Pay for a Contest

99 Designs might be a great approach to graphic design and logos.  Their system is pretty cool.  You define the project and your design needs.  Then you launch a contest with a paid prize package.  Your request is sent to countless designers and some choose to compete for your design and the prize money.  After about a week you have designs submitted and give feedback to eventually pick a winner and award the prize money.


Go Cheap

If you have a super tight budget and want something quick and cheap, try using Fiverr.  You can get a logo designed for literally 5 bucks.  Sometimes you get what you pay for, and sometimes you actually get a get design.  It’s a risk, but for five dollars the loss might not be so bad.

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4 Steps to Increase Private Dining & Event Leads

In over ten years helping restaurants grow their revenues, we are convinced that private dining and events are the best way to achieve the goal.  In this post we suggest the four main areas we have found to best accomplish an increase in private party leads.



1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization


The best way to generate private dining and event leads is optimizing for people searching Google. Every hour and every day people are searching Google for a place to host their next event.  Whether it is a bridal shower, birthday, business dinner or funeral luncheon, they start with Google search.

Your webpage which captures leads for event request needs to be optimized for those keywords and your geography.  If you are in Omaha Nebraska, then your page should be optimized for “private dining omaha NB”.

Use our free SEO score tool to scan your private dining/events page for your target keyword and geography.



2. Google Adwords – PPC


Google Adwords or PPC (Pay Per Click) is a fast way to grab traffic to your website for a cost.  SEO takes a little while to kick in, Adwords and PPC is immediate.  Target keywords and phrase, then send the clicks to your lead capture page.  Sounds easy, right?

You can, however, waste some money on these ads if you don’t know what you are doing.

If done properly, they can yield many leads for a decent cost per lead.  We highly recommend adwords, but either learn how to do it right or hire a certified adwords administrator.

Want $100 in free Google Adwords?  We are an official Google Partner, contact us to see if you qualify for $100 in free clicks.


3. Landing Page Design & Optimization


Look at these two screen shots.  Which one do you think captures more private event leads?  It is obvious, but most restaurants pay little attention to the design and appeal of their landing pages.  It is so important to optimize conversions when people land on your pages.  especially if you are paying for ads to direct them to your website.

No one wants to see a boring page.  In the examples below, the first page was boring and didn’t convert.  The re-design, converts very well and looks so much better.  Photos are a big component to a successful lead capture page.  make sure yours looks great!



4. Tracking & Analytics


After all the work above, you want to make sure you track the results.  Installing Google Analytics to your website is easy.  Once installed, set up goal tracking.  This will record each time your event/dining request form is filled out.

Most importantly, it will tell you where they came from.  Was it SEO, or Adwords or Facebook or the email blast that helped generate the lead.

See, data like this helps you make smarter marketing decisions and spend your money wisely.




Follow the steps above and you will see significant increases in your private party leads.  You will need to decide on one of two paths.

Do it yourself or have it done for you.

We offer both options here at Restaurant Clicks.





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Google Analytics for Restaurant Marketing

What is the big deal with Google Analytics?  Do restaurants need to bother with all the data and headaches?

Of course you do!  Analytics and data make us smarter marketers and enable restaurants to spend their hard earned money wisely.

The key benefits of using Google Analytics for a restaurant are:

  1. Private Party Request Lead Tracking
  2. Tracking paid campaign success or failures
  3. Retargeting an audience
  4. Measuring traffic sources
  5. Understanding your website visitors and potential customers

In this quick video, I walk through some analytics data for our friends at Steam Pub.  The ah ha moment is figuring out cost per lead on baby showers is $15, birthdays are $35 and rehearsal dinners are less than $4!  That is the best use of analytics for restaurant marketing.


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